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How furniture works...

Posted by Wade on

A quick note.  

Not everything is what it seems.  As an over-reaching summary, with furniture purchases you get what you pay for...sort of.  There are extremes; e.g. you can purchase a queen mattress set for $199 or $19,999--is there actually a 100 times difference between the two?  Um no, but don't ask a Princess!  (BTW--mattresses are not furniture and are there own animal altogether)

I can think of no deviations from the following:  

There is a direct, inverse relationship between the marketing level of a product or brand and the value that product or brand offers.  Or, better familiarity with a brand almost always indicates a lower value quotient for you.

Certainly, some advertising is required.

Of course--but someone pays for that financing, that stack of catalogs, that airplane banner, those splashy ads on TV, that 30-day delivery on custom pieces, those gigantic warehouses and fleets of beautiful trucks and trailers...and that someone is y.o.u.!  

So, what to do?
My suggestion:  shop the local merchants, not the chains.  Shop brands that support those local merchants, chances are--you won't know the brand from ads or promotions--and that is good!

Enjoy creating your home!

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